Raymond Snr and Mr. Sackley duly went out to the middle for the customary coin toss with Raymond Snr using the first of his Jedi mind tricks to win and install his Greens into bat….It was discussed in the changing room to reverse the batting order which was dually agreed upon apart from Raymond Snr insisting Mr. Rees opens up to steady things with the promoted lower order to ensure we at least got some runs in the first 10 overs…..Jedi mind trick number 2…..Raymond Snr’s plan was working a treat. 10 overs in Greens were at 64/4 with Raymond Snr (6), Coles (0), Mooney (0), and Raymond Jnr J (0) all succumbing to Mr. Harvey’s superb opening spell of  bowling that included a complete Hat-trick, a caught behind, bowled and an LBW.

The next 10 overs started in much the same way with Mr. Rees feeling he had to provide catching practice to first slip off the bowling of Raymond Jnr B. Gone for an elegantly played 40. This bought in what could be argued a slightly less elegant Mr. Ward but argued again just as effective. Mr. Ward and Mr. Theo (3) (apologies for no surname) made a well-paced 20 before Mr. Theo was bowled Mr. Hassan (apologies again.) Mr. Smith came to the crease and so the rebuilding commenced. Mr. Ward and Mr. Smith taking advantage of some inviting captaincy from The Golds to swash buckle the greens up to 120 odd by the middle of the innings prior to Mr. Ward missing quite a nice straight ball through quite a large gate from Mr. Banerjee for a fabulous 33. By this time Miss Pinky had been and gone, still without the faintest idea what cricket is but safe in the knowledge Mr. Pinky does actually do something on those Friday and Saturday afternoon’s he manages to escape (at least that is what she thinks.) One thing she couldn’t understand was that if we were outside ‘running’ around all day, why are we not all fit?!?

The dismissal of Mr. Ward bought out Mr. Turner and the revitalization of the Green’s innings continued with more swash-buckling. Mr. Smith eventually out LBW to a well claimed 5 for from Mr. Harvey for 42 with the score on 190 odd. The ‘hard-working’ and late arriving Mr. Brown came to the crease with Mr. Kym (I need to remember some surnames) huffing and puffing from having sat with his pads on for the best part of 20 overs, gradually being promoted to number 11 (remember we reversed the batting order.) Mr. Turner stuck around for another few overs before being bowled by Mr. Escritt for a pleasing 24. This bought Mr. Kim to the crease who took the Snr partner’s role with Mr. Brown showing him how it’s done with some lovely shots before Mr. Brown (7), who was middling everything for 1 was finally caught middling it to mid wicket, moments after blaming his bat and calling for a new one. Mr. Kim not out for an apparently controversial 11. Innings closed on 226 all out off 33 ish overs with much thanks going to the Gold’s for top scoring for us with extras of 60…..The favour would be returned.

With both teams retiring to the changing rooms for a quick turnaround, Mr. Turner offered out the energy drinks to the Greens (Savannah Cider) and Mr. Raymond came up with a masterful team talk, “The Golds don’t think we are playing as a team, lets show them how it’s done!” or something to that extent. Jedi Mind trick number 3.

The Golds opened up with Mr. Johnno and Mr. Crayton, with The Green starting out with Mr. Smith and Mr. Mooney. Mr. Smith instantly regretting extending his run up in the 40 degree plus heat, getting a little over heated in the first over but bowling Mr. Johno for 0 with his in-swingers. The Green’s showed tenacity and good ground work in the remaining overs up to tea but coming out empty handed as the Golds were comfortably in control with 79 on the board and the only additional loss of Mr. Dommett for a hardworking 19. Caught Mr. Reymund Snr bowled Mr. Rees off his first ball. Jedi Mind trick number 4.

The marvelous delights of tea were consumed, amid a variety of conversation between players and families. The final curtain was ready to rise with the Golds well in command needing 150 odd from 26 overs.

Mr. Sackley and Mr. Crayton Carried on where the Golds left off before Mr. Crayton was bowled by the Green’s ‘all-rounder of the day’ Mr. Ward for the innings of the day 48. Mr. Tideswell entered the fold and carried on where Mr. Crayton left off with compiling a decent innings of 25 before being caught off the impressive bowling of Reymund Jnr J. This was all becoming a familiar story as Mr. Harvey again came in and created another good partnership with Mr. Sackley before succumbing to another of Mr. Reymund Snr’s Jedi mind tricks (Number 5), a snick off Mr. Mooney’s boot to be run out at the non-strikers end (14).  This was the luck the Green’s needed; Mr. Brown held a catch, Mr. Sackley going for 37 off the bowling of Mr. Reymund Jnr J. Mr. Mooney then produced another magical over, trying to emulate the heroics of Mr. Harvey’s previously bowling first Mr. Moses for 3, and then Mr. Escritt for a golden in successive balls…..This bought the fearless Mr. Reymund Jnr B to the crease; Sledging coming from all angles behind the wicket from his father, he stood up and defended the ball stoutly.

With the run rate increasing the squeeze was on…..Mr. Hasan swinging at everything but finding the chirpy fielders and Mr. Raymond Jnr B intent on not letting his father get the better of him, despite some attacking batting coaching from out ‘promoted number 11’ Mr. Kim. 6 runs in 6 overs, the run rate was still increasing and Mr. Hasan diving out the way of a ball from Mr. Mooney caused much amusement to Mr. Rees as he fell to the ground in fits of laughter.

After much debate and controversial discussions in the middle Mr. Raymond Snr turned to more Jedi Mind Tricks (number 6) and bought on Mr. Theo. Tossing the ball up Mr. Hassan’s eyes lit up, as did Mr. Raymond Snr’s, a swoosh of the bat and a rattle of the stumps, Mr. Hassan had missed but Mr. Raymond Snr didn’t. Stumped for 6. It was then Mr. Theo’s for the taking and he obliged taking the final wicket wrapping up what at one point seemed a very improbably victory for the Greens. That’s Cricket!

A good team effort from the bowling with Mr. Mooney (7-12-2) Mr. Raymond J (6-30-2) and Mr. Theo (1-5-2) all taking the limelight. The Greens did oblige with the extra’s providing 40 of them.

And so back to the changing rooms for the debrief, the banter, and the light hearted debates.

All-in-all a much enjoyed day by all, and one that shouldn’t be left to linger too long in the memory before another is organized.