Farewell to comrades

It was Friday 13th, the sun was shining and CD and Lee entered into their last DCC supper with their 13 other disciples in tow, but who would be found hanging on the cross by the end of the day? (As it turned out it was both, along with several of their followers). Fresh from (more…)

God's Chosen Ones vs Wrong 'uns

As we bid a fond farewell to Lee Dawson returning to the UK and CD Kotze going back to South Africa, the Club will hold an Inter club game followed by a inevitable “messy” brunch. There will be some special rules & drinks fines after the game, Team Captains will run through this again on Friday (more…)

THARG THE MIGHTY ONE SPEAKS – 22 March 2014 – words by Andrew "Tavare" Laing

Galactic Greetings Earthlets! From the heart of the Galaxy it is I, Tharg the Mighty, who has travelled many light years to bring you this week’s match report. Engage your circuits and prepare for sensory overload…  In Megacity One surrounded by the barren wastelands of the Accursed Land we were visited by the crew of the H.M.S. Somerset from the Royal Navy of Megacity Two on a (more…)

The day after the night before – Match Report of the Year Winner Steve Brown

The Cannons is always an eagerly anticipated fixture and Nick Harvey decided to schedule the game after the awards dinner to give our boys a challenge. Thanks Nick! Darjeeling had their ‘best’ side out since the beginning of time according to Ash Banerjee, but with 9 lads who had attended the dinner in the squad (more…)

Darjeeling vs Loose Cannons – 21 September 2013 by Lawrence of Arabia

A hot balmy afternoon awaited both teams at the ICC. The pre-match discussion centered around the Cannons good record on grass and Darjeeling’s makeshift bowling attack. Danny Rees made his debut for the club and proudly hung up his Welsh towel in the change rooms for all to see. The Cannons won the toss and no surprise, batted first. Darjeeling (more…)

Darjeeling v Loose Cannons – match report penned by J Houghton – University Graduate. 3rd Feb 2013

Friday saw Darjeeling take on a slightly weakened Loose Canons team. After the last performance against them this was much needed. The day began with several of the players typically showing up hungover. Thankfully Chris won the toss and elected to bat. Unfortunately though he decided to open up with the two most hungover players (more…)

Darjeeling Cricket Club v Wombats AKA Nomads AKA Team without a Name match report. Words by CD Kotze

On what can only be described as a perfect day for cricket the Darjeeling Cricket Club took on an unknown rival (later to be identified as a team we thrashed before at SES) on the smaller pitch at the ICC and previous venue of a fine Grisdale batting display. While indulging in in a fast-growing (more…)