DCC v Dubai Mammoths – by Nathan Cartwright

Sat 26th @ ICC A humid and a bit unpleasant but not that bad evening greeted DCC on Saturday for the match against the unusually named Dubai Mammoths. Skipper for the day Ash duly won the toss or invoked the 1st rule and DCC went in to bat. Jono and Watto opening up for the (more…)

DCC v Standard Chartered Bank – by Julius Mooney

Given that Darjeeling Cricket Club seem to be as diverse as the Japanese Rugby team, and in honour of their superb victory over the Springboks last night, it only seems right to write this report as an ode to the Japs (apologise if the use of the word ’Jap’ is derogatory – my grandfather who (more…)

Gary and Tom’s Farewell game – scribed by J Smibert

As two members part our shore… Characters for which there is much rapport, A farewell fixture was held… During which many folk excelled. In the most part cricket was unrelated… As Freddie the funnel kept us hydrated, GT’s chosen men marched out… Receiving many an early shout. Umpire Drummond duly obliged… To certain men’s surprise. (more…)

Conservatives trounced in stunning reversal of fortunes! Rampant LibDem-Labour alliance prevails in one–sided clash!

The Dubai Despatch, May 10, 2015 Yesterday’s events provided a quite stunning contrast to the previous Saturday’s dry run (which favoured the Tories), with a recently-cobbled-together Coalition of the Swilling (led, would you believe, by a Plaid Cymru representative!) prevailing in the Election Edition of the Desert Derby, throwing the psephologists into predictable disarray. Yes, (more…)

DCC v ABB – words by Rich "keep it simple" Hallowes

On a chilly but pleasant evening DCC faced ABB at the ICC. Jono skippered, lost the toss & was put into bat. Jono & Tom De B opened & scored freely for the first few overs, Tom falling to a doubtful lbw decision for 28. In came Blickies & was immediately given out first ball (more…)

Emaar Eagles and the good ship Darjeeling – scribed by J Dot

Abandon hope all Ye who enter here…………………. Pirates don’t do Valentines aarrrrrrrrr they do Cricket arrrgg. So the 11 lost souls forever condemned to Captain Davey Jones locker, decided to play the land lubber game of cricket avast. By virtue of elimination Gul dog selected J.Dot to captn said team of scurvy dogs, hence fore (more…)

DCC v Omnicom – words by Simon "Schoolmaster" Cook

After winning the toss and choosing to bat, DCC made a terrific start with both Nathan and Jono scoring freely in the powerplay. With the loss of Nathan (for a breezy 30) and the field spread for the slower bowlers the scoring slowed slightly in the middle overs. Jono and Dannie picked up ones and (more…)

DCC v Hard Hackers – penned by Viv Botha

Greetings all from your jolly tall safa As I sat very early indeed at the Icc admiring its brilliant facilities my wife mentioned to me that  it was already 13h10 and the game is starting at 13h30 (according to my brilliant email reading) I started feeling a little drop of sweat brewing on my forehead… (more…)

Thank You for your donation

Here is the very kind email that was received by Chris Dommett and Nick Harvey, the catalysts behind DCC’s fundraising efforts in memory of Simon Fowler Dear Chris and fellow members of the Darjeeling Cricket Club, On behalf of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), it is with our deepest gratitude that we accept a gift of (more…)

More Turkey’s PLEASE – words by Nick "Ironman" Harvey

There’s a certain glow one feels when you arrive at the ground for the Darjeeling inter-club Christmas match and the smiles that greet you are both friendly and warm.  But, if you look closely you can detect a hint of something else. As a child you’d share that smile with your friend just as you (more…)

Blikkies Blitzes ABB (and his bat!) words by Chris Dommett

On a weekend when the Springboks swept all aside at the Dubai Rugby 7s our very own Blitzbokke stole the show against ABB at the ICC CA. There was a nip in the air and a hint of dew on the ground as the usual motley assortment of Darjeeling players drifted into the ground. Captain (more…)