A lovely day for cricket at the ICC with the pitch giving a bit more life than normal. Darjeeling batted first (big surprise that!). Ash was kind enough to be umpire for the day and got proceedings going on time in the 22 over match.

Chris Neal and the Dominator opening the innings and put on 111 in the first 11 overs against some inconsistent bowling by Hard Hitters. At 137 for no loss in the 14th over Chris and the Dominator took pity on the opposition and retired. The Dominator had started circumspectly but let rip later on and ended on 58 Retired with 6 x fours and 1 x six (a Jos Butler-esque thump over the boundary fielder at deep mid-wicket). Chris Neal played his usual classy innings with some grand cover drives over the field and ended on 59 Retired with 7 x fours. This bought the middle order into play who proceeded to slow down the scoring rate by getting themselves out at inconvenient times. Dannie Reece played tip & run for a few balls and then hit out to the one player in the opposition who could catch – out for 4 runs, caught on the boundary. Jonno skied one and went for 7 with 1 x four. AT was bowled in the second to last over for 10 runs with 1 x four. Jason dot Brown made a nicely compiled 26 Not Out which included no less than 3 x threes and only 2 x fours so his running quota for the year has been met. Andrew made 4 Not and Darjeeling ended up on 199 for 5 after the required 22 overs. The opposition bowlers had pretty poor figures apart from Adil the spinner who took 3 for 26 off his 4 overs.

The record of the Hard Hitters inning is based solely on hazy memory as the scorebook is blank. The highlights were:

Hard Hitters proved to be seriously misnamed. They were a bit outgunned in the batting department and never really threatened getting to the required run rate. They ended up on around 130 to 140 for 8 in their 22 overs.

Opening the bowling were Chris Neal and Gully. Chris went wicketless but Gully got three wickets in his spell including two in two balls (unfortunately the hat trick ball was well defended).

Support bowlers were Liam, Hassan, Kymbo, Jonno and Dannie who shared the rest of the wickets. Hassan got two wickets, Jonno at least one and the rest is all a bit hazy (bowlers, feel free to elaborate here)…

Some particularly fine catching in the outfield with Kymbo taking two great catches off skied shots and Chris Neal taking two goodies out on the boundary. Chris Dommet also got a catch and a stumping. AT also got a catch at backward point.

Some particularly exciting dropped catches – Laim (the sun was in my eyes), Andrew (failed to catch a low flying V2 rocket), Gully, Hassan (two?) and I am sure there were more (you know who you are!)…

Afterwards we retired to Andrew’s apartment down the road in Motor City for a braai and a few beverages, which no doubt contributed to the hazy memory!