As one of the most anticipated games on the DCC calendar – DCC took on the formidable Loose Cannons on a balmy Saturday afternoon at the picturesque ICC grounds!
To relieve the tension surrounding this battle we will jump straight into the happenings of that fine afternoon!
Ash “Trigger” Banerjee * won the toss and the first shot across the bow was delivered, DCC would bat!
Tom “The Gun” De Bonville and Dannie “Golden gloves” Rees would be the first to cross swords, the game got off to a flyer with “Golden gloves” leaving a few and watching a few go past the bat at the other end “The Gun” wreaked havoc against the Cannons  dispatching a the ball at will as if it was fodder?!
Fast forward to over #3 and good bye “Golden gloves” triggered by the “trigger” plumb in front beat for pace all ends up!
Step in Greg “Needles” Moses and the partnership of the day ensued, “The Gun” carried on bludgeoning the hapless cannons to all corners of the ground with “Needles” uncharacteristically being overshadowed?!  After much of the same “The Gun” to the relief of the cannons was bowled trying to put another one into the school, 78 off a hand full of balls and a partnership of 96 leaving the score on a healthy 136/2.
The departure of “The Gun” brought to the crease Nick “Tardy“ Lloyd – the back of “The Gun” seemed to inject (See what I did their?)  some life into “Needles” and boundaries started to flow again.
“Tardy” then chipped one to mid-wicket and had to return to the hutch for a conservative 6….
Israr “No Surname” and “Needles” trotted along for the remaining overs getting DCC well over the 200 mark until Israr “Consistent” missed a straight one. Richard “medium pace” Logan saw off the last couple to give DCC an impressive total of 240!
“Needles” ending up on a very well-orchestrated 83 off 48* (Rather slow considering the depth/quality of batting still to come).
After a short interval DCC took the field with “Medium pace” getting the first over from the pavilion end with the wind at his back and down the hill, whilst James “F@#king brisk” Grisdale started from the school end up the hill into the wind….
The first few overs set the precedence for the Loose Cannons innings with “Medium pace” (now striving with the wind at his back) taking the top 3 wickets all cleaned up impressively! At the other end where immense pressure was being applied “F@#king brisk” ended up with 0-27-3…. Respectively!
With the Loose cannons reeling at 3-36 off 6 “The trigger” rolled out a double change with “No surname” and Nick “Up the duff” Harvey taking aim, both failed to make any inroads with “No surname” finishing up on 0-22-2 and “Up the duff” obviously struggling up the hill into the wind finishing on 0-23-2…
Bring on the spinners and good bye “Golden gloves” reputation as a wicket keeper …
“Trigger” bowled well and probably would have picked up a few more if it wasn’t for “Golden gloves” behind the wicket – 1-25-3
Neil “Rocky” Colbeck bowled a lot better than his figures suggest, again this can solely be attributed to “Golden gloves” – 2-37-3
Mark “Silver fox” Gully chipped in with his boomerangs and picked up a wicket a piece with “Tardy” to bring the innings to an end and a good old fashioned spanking to boot, with the loose cannons finishing up just short on 191-8…
Great day had by all and “The gun” “Needles” and “Medium Pace” having very good showings….
Everyone retired to watch the springboks annihilate the All blacks as expected and all was right in the world once again!!!
NB – Congrats to “Up the duff” on the news of a 3rd baby Harvey due! Well done Nick!!!