Farewell to comrades

It was Friday 13th, the sun was shining and CD and Lee entered into their last DCC supper with their 13 other disciples in tow, but who would be found hanging on the cross by the end of the day? (As it turned out it was both, along with several of their followers). Fresh from (more…)

God's Chosen Ones vs Wrong 'uns

As we bid a fond farewell to Lee Dawson returning to the UK and CD Kotze going back to South Africa, the Club will hold an Inter club game followed by a inevitable “messy” brunch. There will be some special rules & drinks fines after the game, Team Captains will run through this again on Friday (more…)

Gary and Tom’s Farewell game – scribed by J Smibert

As two members part our shore… Characters for which there is much rapport, A farewell fixture was held… During which many folk excelled. In the most part cricket was unrelated… As Freddie the funnel kept us hydrated, GT’s chosen men marched out… Receiving many an early shout. Umpire Drummond duly obliged… To certain men’s surprise. (more…)