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As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations the club hosted a golf day on 14th March at Dubai Hills Golf Club. With 58 participants it promised to be a great day of drinking and eating with a bit of golf in between.

Nick Harvey

On this, the seven and twentieth day of October, I wish for a few minutes of your valuable time to share your thoughts with a select number of Darjeeling men that shall over the next few days…. 

Lee Dawson

It was Friday 13th, the sun was shining and CD and Lee entered into their last DCC supper with their 13 other disciples in tow, but who would be found hanging on the cross by the end of the day?

DSL Champions

Darjeeling beat SCB in the final of the DSL yesterday. A very good performance in the field with ONLY one dropped catch? Very unlike Darjeeling! Some good catches from Chris Neal, Rhys & Shugie.

Bahrain 2015 Team

For our second game at the GCC 6’s we faced our regular opponents from Dubai, The Wombats. We decided to welcome them onto the field with a Jaeger Bomb fuelled version of the Hakka, led by Kirky

Simon Fowler Wreath

On behalf of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), it is with our deepest gratitude that we accept a gift of AED 104,000 from the Darjeeling Cricket Club in honour of the late Simon Fowler.                                                                                              

Honour Guard

As two members part our shore…
Characters for which there is much rapport,
A farewell fixture was held…
During which many folk excelled.


Here is an email the Club received yesterday

“Yesterday I was watching Wimbledon and saw the tournament referee upsetting Andy Murray. The tournament ref. is named Andrew Jarrett.