Away we go

So the day has finally arrived, with those gallant men and boys from Darjeeling (not the hill station in India) but from Dubai, the dust bowl we call home are now counting down the hours till we rendezvous at Dubai International Airport wearing our PINK (not my colour of choice) tour shirts, to depart for the 26th Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes in Thailand..

Arriving two days before the tournament actually is a really good idea, to allow the Tourists to acclimatise to the heat, not that we are not used to being hot, with Dubai now being in the mid thirties, saying that it is a different type of heat, with a lot more humidity to deal with than we are used to, well that’s what we tell the wives and girlfriends!!!

The advance party, who have been arriving in dribs and drabs over the course of the past week, are now in place to ensure there are no surprises for the main party, with special care taken to ensure that the varying taste requirements of the Tourists, that Singha, Chang, Tiger and Heineken are immediately available and chilled to perfection for their arrival at the Porn Ping Tower Hotel tomorrow morning.

With the Saturday already booked for golf  probably at Mae Jo Golf Resort & Spa and the welcome reception at the River Market Restaurant in the evening, we get down to the serious business on Sunday with both teams in action, luckily for us we have been blessed with lunchtime games, so we will have plenty of time to warm up (recover from the previous night).

There has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes in the lead up to the tour, Chris Dommett taking over from Jeremy Coulbeck for 2013 in managing the Tour, other contributions have come from George Appleton, the Club Chairman and Chiang Mai nightlife mogul in sponsoring the team and organising the Tour shirts, even the pink one!! Negotiations for cost effective flights with Thai Airways was handled by Stuart Matthewson, as well as the playing shirts for this years sortie, so no surprises as they are exactly the same as last year.

We wish the Tourist the best of luck for this years tournament, with an outside chance of repeating the heroics of 2012 when we achieved  our highest accolade to date in coming in as runners up on the 25th Anniversary in the Cup – the second best team in Chiang Mai.

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