Darjeeling really are known far and wide!!

Score Card 1985


Here is an email the Club received yesterday

“Yesterday I was watching Wimbledon and saw the tournament referee upsetting Andy Murray. The tournament ref. is named Andrew Jarrett.

It reminded me that in 1985 I captained a touring team from Bahrain to Dubai to play Darjeeling CC. Jarrett was playing for DCC. ( I think he must have been tennis coaching in UAE at the time). He was a useful medium pacer.

We used to bring our team down to DCC  quite often, maybe 4 times in 7 years, around that time. Playing 2 matches each time.
We had an absolutely great time. Thoroughly enjoyed the facilities and the company.

I subsequently moved to Dubai and spent the best part of the 1990s there. Retired from cricket by then due to old age. !
But my family became a “fixture” at the Dubai Country Club for 7 years.

SO, what I am getting round to is…  I was really upset when I read a few years ago that  Darjeeling, Country Club, Golf Course, Rugby Club etc were bulldozed to make room for horse racing.  A great shame, especially as Sheik Rashid had given the land in perpetuity as I understood it. That counts for little in the Gulf tho’ !!

I am glad to see that Darjeeling is now functioning again. Those were great days.

All the best for the future of the club.

Best regards

Richard Bailey


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